To establish criterias and guidelines to perform Grito Rock 2017 on each city/country. To select the directors of Grito Rock 2016. To build and strenghten an integrated producers network all over the world. To promote the profesisonalization and improvement of the events held in each locality.


1. If the subscribed producer has the subscription confirmed, he or she must comply with the following guidelines:
Perform the Grito Rock edition between february 17th and march 19 of 2017;
Register a producer profile on Toque no Brasil (TNB);
Create one or more vacancy opportunities for your grito Rock on Toque no Brasil and perform the bands curatorship by the same (tipo for the opportunities opening will be found on the website);
Perform the local event network connected and sharing production infos with the following producers and work groups through the common communication channels, such as email lists, Telegram and/or Whatsapp webchats and the Facebook producers group;
Use the official logo/brand, as well as apply the partners and sponsors logo rule, according to the Visual Identity Application Manual, that will be available on the second fortnight of january;
Participate of the disclosure national campaigns, as well to provide press advisory of your city festival and share the clipping created from it;
Poarticipate of at least 03 (three) Festival proposed campaign. Check on the website;
Set up a musical program primarily with independent and copyright artists and bands, also ensuring spaces for local bands and artists.
The event must preferably have free entrance or popular prices.
The fundraising (sponsors, supports, partnerships, etc.) are free and be on charge of the producers of each city. It is worth emphasizing that the economic management of the Grito is carried out in a totally decentralized and autonomous way. That being, each local producer or director is responsible for the economic management in its respective city.


The producer must register on the registration form with all the demanded info and wait email or Facebook contact to start the Festival production; If you already are a Grito Rock producer, having performed the project in early years, you already know our form and the Festival production dynamics and, therefore, can already begin to organize your city Festival.


All the producers will receive email, Facebook contact and/or phone contact from Grito Rock team to confirm the registered city register. In case of more than one producers interested in performing the Festival on the city, we suggest the production to be made as partnership and in a collaborative way. Producers that have already performed early editions will have priority, but this criteria may as well be evaluated by Grito Rock management, if necessary.


-Questions that were not foreseen on this regulation will be assessed and decided under the exclusive criteria of Grito Rock Management Team.
-Doubts and/or suggestions can be sent to the email address gritorock@foradoeixo.org.br .
-The act of registration implies on the agreement with this Regulation/Public Notice terms.